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A Letter From The Editor

What Do We Do Now?

There are three ways we can succeed in real progressive change that removes the threat of Republican Corporate Radicals from our Government and communities. We can Agitate from the outside and shake justice loose from the tree of liberty now threatened by the weeds of corruption. We can strengthen the roots by bringing democratic politics back to its core principles. We can be Johnny Appleseed and get the vote out and get the votes out for real progressives while planting the seeds of a grass roots revival.

The Progressive's Handbook

A Shareable Resource For Victory

Sharing resources fairly in America, and working together for progress for every American. That is the mission of Liberals Creating Progress and our Progressive's Handbook. When we create "fact sheets" that help refute the lies from Fox TV and Rightwing Radio we can share those easily with activists and fellow citizens. Rather than posting our responses to these lies on social network sites where they drift out of view as new information's posted, we can create a repository of truth and tools for social justice. Here's where we get started. Read more

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Open Letters

Giving a voice to the 99%!

Open Letter from Joseph Segal

by Joseph Segal


A person commenting on this photo wrote “America landed on the moon, Denmark didn’t”.

America was a far different country when America landed on the moon. I remember that America. A generation before that we built the interstate highway system too! Today America must pay Russia for a ride to the space station because we have decided we no longer can afford to do big things as a nation. If I could trade landing on the moon for the low level of unemployment and income disparity of countries like Denmark, Finland and others like it considering the pain and desperation of millions of America families now living in poverty I’d do it in a heartbeat!


Open Letter from Joseph Segal

by Joseph Segal

Some people out there have said we should make sure everyone works before they get “free food” from the government. That we should be sure they really “need” the food before just handing it out to people who say they are hungry. This pernicious lie, yes lie that there are millions of lazy moochers pretending to need food and feeding off the generosity of taxpayers has been generated by the big business lobby that has set its goal on destroying the federal government for the last fifty years so it can remove all taxation and regulations on corporations.  They have destroyed the American middle class through corrupting our government, rigging our tax code, gambling with depositors savings, and shipping our jobs overseas. Now to distract us and divide us they pit their victims, poor white Americans against poor minority Americans by demonizing the poor as lazy shiftless takers and moochers. It is in fact they who are the lazy moochers who have fed off the taxpayers money by the billions in corporate oil and other subsidies at the same time they reaped massive record setting income and the vast majority of Americans struggle to merely survive.

Nearly half the entire nation (the U.S.) lives at or under the poverty line.  This is not because half the nation is lazy and just needs to work harder!  We Americans already work harder, more hours than any other industrialized nation in the world! There are three people searching for work for every one job opening. We are 34th out of 36 in industrial nations in childhood poverty meaning that there are only two nations with worse childhood poverty levels than us. There is a lot more “need” than is being addressed by our government. In fact both political parties have voted to cut food aid to the hungriest most vulnerable Americans, the Democrats by 5 billion dollars and the Republicans propose cutting it by 40 billion dollars. Meanwhile quantitative easing continues to shell out 85 billion dollars a month to the top banking monopolies in the country which only serves to increase earnings on Wall Street. There is no trickle down. There is no direct correlation between Wall Street prospering and Main Street prospering anymore! That system is rigged to benefit multi-national corporations and institutional investors.